Hybrid Single-phase

It is a hybrid system complete with inverter, battery charger and storage system for new or old systems in the 3 kW, 4 kW, 5 kW, 6 kW models. Energy storage Hybrid is powerful, compact, connected and silent and is equipped with a natural convection cooling system without the use of fans.

It is the solution that agrees to store excess electricity to use it during the day / evening / night instead of giving it to the grid, maximizing self-consumption up to 85%.

It is an integrated "all in one" pre-wired system with all the elements inserted in a single elegant, white, small-sized cabinet with on board the direct and alternating current panels with differential, circuit breakers, disconnectors, dischargers as required by law state-of-the-art installations. It contains the pre-wired connection cables to install the network meter both on the right and on the left of the cabinet. With Energy Storage you will not have to fill the wall with ducts, pipes, panels and you will not have to drill anything.

It is configured, at the customer's choice, with two types of modular storage systems that can be expanded at any time with drawer rack modules. You can choose between:

P4 lithium iron phosphate battery with 2.4 kWh modules, DoD (net discharge percentage) 80%, 6000 cycles, 15 year life expectancy. 10 year unconditional warranty.

Supercapacitor Energy Storage Capacitor with 3.55 kWh modules, DoD (percentage of net discharge) 100%, 1,000,000 cycles, 45 year life expectancy. 10 year unconditional warranty.

It is able to power the users in the event of a network blackout with the EPS MODE (optional on request) integrated into the system which at the same time gives continuity to the photovoltaic production.
It is able to charge the storage tank with an Off-Grid wind / photovoltaic system (optional on request) integrated inside the cabinet.
It can be transported with the special handles supplied in the first delivery to the installer, it can be disassembled in 3 minutes (10 screws) and allows the operator to work easily and in complete safety. In case of uneven floors, it can be leveled using the special 4 feet positioned at the base of the cabinet.
It is equipped with a free monitoring system with a prepaid SIM card for all years of warranty, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This makes it accessible from PC, Smartphone and Tablet with a dedicated App downloaded by the customer.
It is designed to be connected to networks for collective self-consumption.
It is equipped with antiblackout with automatic weather alert system.

It is remotely monitored by a team of qualified technicians who are able to intervene remotely in a timely and effective manner on all system functions with data updates every 10 seconds.
The self-test can be carried out remotely and downloaded in PDF format to be sent to the technicians who deal with the connection practices of the photovoltaic system.

It is guaranteed for 10 years in all its components.
It can be combined with the 7.2 kW single-phase Energy Wall-box via the system App and allows you to recharge the electric vehicle from photovoltaic, battery and network even at the same time, guaranteeing continuity of energy to the house. It also counts the kWh consumed by your electric car by day, month, year.
It is a product designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.