Powerful - compact - connected ... ECONOMIC

Behind a simple and elegant design, the " all in one " Energy Storage systems hide cutting-edge technology: they are able to accumulate energy instantly during the day and automatically return it with great efficiency during the day, evening, night or when needed. , thanks to the lithium batteries or supercapacitor accumulators they are equipped with.
Solar energy thus becomes available even when a cloud passes by during the day and in the evening when the family comes home from work and therefore consumption increases. Thanks to Energy Storage you will have many hours of autonomy available up to a saving of 85% of the energy bill.


Powerful - compact - connected ... ECONOMIC

Loads such as heat pumps, induction plates, microwave ovens consume electricity for even short periods of time and overlapping at any time of the day. The Energy Storage system is able to immediately record the energy request and respond to consumption in less than 1 or 2 seconds by taking energy from the accumulator even if it was only 30% charged. This system makes it possible to maximize self-consumption throughout the day and to withdraw the minimum necessary from the electricity grid.

The modularity of the 2.4 kwh rack system allows for an accumulation of 14.4 kwh with a single piece of furniture the size of a shoe rack. All guaranteed for 10 years.
Energy Storage is equipped with:

• EPS mode system that allows you to be autonomous even in the event of a blackout
• Wind mode that allows you to charge off-grid batteries with 2 wind turbines, day and night

• EV SYSTEM allows you to connect the Wall Box to recharge electric cars with commands directly on the dedicated App. You can select between 4 different charging systems, check the instant power and the km of autonomy with the recharge it has performed.

Powerful - compact - connected ... ECONOMIC


The photovoltaic system delivers the energy needed by the house and feeds the excess energy into the accumulator. In the case of greater energy absorption compared to that produced by the system, the accumulator delivers energy even if it is only 20/30% charged to keep the withdrawal from the grid to a minimum.

If the accumulator is 100% charged and the load of the house / company is satisfied by the energy produced by the panels, the excess energy will be transferred to the grid.

When the sun goes down and the panels stop working, the energy stored in the batteries during the day is released to power the house until they are exhausted.



Our "all in one" storage systems are developed and produced in Italy and use all highly efficient materials. The strict quality controls guarantee a long life and a high reliability of the machines.


Energy Storage grants the best "unlimited" warranties on the market: 10 years on the whole "all in one" system including lithium-iron-phosphate batteries or supercapacitor.

Spare parts are delivered in a very short time.


Our storage systems are compatible with all new or existing photovoltaic systems, even in "Conto Energia". The furniture we produce for all types of systems allows for an increase in storage capacity over time by inserting 19 "rack modules.




With Energy Storage the technician carries out the installation in a very short time. Thanks to our "all in one" system, the AC and DC panels are pre-wired on the machine and the connection cables to the production meter are prepared. With the connection of only 10 cables to the appropriate terminal board, everything is ready for ignition.

Energy Storage is equipped with free 24-hour monitoring with a prepaid SIM card from the manufacturer for all 10 years of warranty. This makes it accessible from PC, Smartphone and Tablet with dedicated App. You will be able to check: the energy produced, self-consumed, sold, purchased, the consumption of your home / business and the percentage of self-sufficiency by day, month and year.

Our storage systems are fully integrated and have reduced dimensions and weight. The floor support and wall fixing facilitate installation and maintenance as well as safety.

Cooling is natural convection without noisy fans. The cabinet is elegant, white in color, with small dimensions equal to mm (L750xP310xH1750) and therefore is also suitable for small rooms.


All our systems are remotely monitored by a team of qualified technicians who are able to intervene remotely in a timely and effective manner on all system functions which updates the data every 10 seconds. The self-test to draw up the connection procedures is carried out remotely and sent in pdf to the technicians in charge.


Energy Storage is equipped with a modular 19 "rack storage system in two versions:
• P4 lithium-iron-phosphate battery with 2.4 kwh modules, DoD 80%, 6,000 cycles, duration 15 years.
• Supercapacitor Energy Storage Capacitor of 2.5 or 3.55 kWh, 1,000,000 cycles, 100% DoD, 125A charge / discharge current, 45 year life without performance reduction.

Energy Storage uses the best products on the market with the highest performance, to achieve 85% energy savings.


Energy Storage is able to contain the following technologies (optional) inside the cabinet:

• EPS mode able to power users in the event of a blackout, giving continuity to photovoltaic production.
• Eolico mode is able to charge off-grid batteries with 2 600W wind blades.

• Connection to the Energy Wall Box via the dedicated App that allows you to recharge electric cars in various ways, guaranteeing continuity of energy for the home.

• Connection to RES networks for collective self-consumption.






The Energy Storage monitoring system is accessible from PC, smartphone and tablet through our portal or on mobile or tablet through the appropriate App downloadable with Android or IOS.

To access the live version of the monitoring of a storage system visible in real time:

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